Sunday, 8 October 2017

Hi there, glad you could make it.

Welcome to this blog site!

Before we get started, please read the DISCLAIMER on the right there (mobile users, click the drop down). It's important that you get your head around the reason for this content.

Yes, it deals with Leadership (amongst other things) but truth be told, I'm not an expert on this subject. I'm not even 100% sure that anyone really is, or even can be.

Leadership is not limited to being employed as a leader either. You can be a leader at the most entry level position of the business you work for. Leadership is not a title, its a caring, helpful attitude. It is also one of those things that changes with not only the environments in which you lead or are a part of, the content you are responsible for, the ever changing situations you find yourself (and your team) in, not to mention all the different people who roll through your leadership in general. Each situation, task, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, and even every person can subtly change your team's dynamic and the overall requirements to succeed. Think about it - you can start a year with 5 people and end it with 5 completely different people. I hope you don't, that kind of impact likely wouldn't be a positive one. Regardless, in every case, each person will either add something or take something away from your team - and either can be good.

A few constants that will definitely help you on your leadership journey [reminder- you dont have to have a leadership title to be a leader], are self adaptability and adaptability with other people (because everyone is different), a wide awareness by "seeing" how your team are feeling, believing in who you are, being open to any change, care and concern for the people you lead and by simply being yourself.

It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.

Knowing who you are and understanding others needs, is 80% of the leadership journey, the rest is stuff to try. By knowing yourself and others, you're well on your way to empathy town which just so happens to lead straight into being-a-good-leader-that-people-will-want-to-follow-ville.

Cheesy yes. True? Also yes.

And this is where this website hopefully comes into it's own for you. All going well. 
Topics I cover here are designed to help you do things smarter, not work harder. They are simply things I have covered in one on one sessions with staff/peers or through mentoring outside of work or are things great people have taught me. These are all items that people down through the years have found helpful and have said as much. They often deal with serious issues and helpful ways you might be able to handle them without losing your cool or mind.    

The Japanese have a perfect word for the "why" here too - Keiei (kay-aye) which loosely translates to "making an effort developing societies harmoniously and trying to raise the well-being of the people". It goes hand in hand with where I work as well. 

"To enhance the quality of life for the elderly and disabled..." 

This site is all about raising the well-being of people in general, helping and making some kind of positive difference. There is no agenda except to hopefully cover something that might empower either you or someone you know to handle something they didn't know how to before. 
As is life sometimes, you and I both know - tough times are tough times. No one is a stranger to them. Being a leader either going through them yourself or helping someone else go through them, is just as tough. Having a place like this where someone is giving you some support/back-up might be good. Take a look at the URL of this site too - it says it all. It's like an old Japanese statement which speaks to underdog / fighter in all of us;
You can be knocked down, but the strength of your character gets you back up. Every time. 

You'll note I reference a fair bit of Asian thinking too and no, it can't be helped. I'm the product of my environment as well, exactly the same as you :)

So with all that said and the disclaimer read, please post comments in with anything you can add, you can even submit your own post if you wish. Happy to hear from anyone with advice that will help.

All that said, feel free to read on....

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