Thursday, 29 March 2018

Dealing with problems

So I have been thinking...yeah I know...dangerous times....

But see I've had this thought, a little random thought. 

I was on a phone call yesterday, had taken a bite out of an apple whilst on hold (it was a long call). I had plenty of time to finish my mouthful before the person I was talking to came back. 
For whatever reason, I kept holding my apple for the entire duration of that phone call, didn't bother putting it down once - and at the end when I hung up, I noticed something.

And this is where I had this thought.

For arguments sake, forget my phone call and let's say I'm holding an apple up in front of your face. Yep, a regular crispy apple.

Now let's say I ask you; "How heavy is this apple?"

You're going to guess.  
Maybe anywhere between 100 grams metric or maybe 3-4 ounces if you're from the States.

Now what say, I tell you that no matter how much you determine this apple's weight to be, you will always be wrong - even if you take the apple from me and physically weigh it.

Yes, you're going to think I have lost all my marbles.  

So what am I on about?

The thing is, the longer you hold that apple, the sooner you will change how you consider it's weight.

To clarify - if you hold that apple up in front of my face for a minute or two, it wont be a problem - right?

But what if you were to hold that apple up in front of my face for an hour? 

Or two hours? 

Or maybe two days straight?

The weight of that apple will not physically change but the longer you hold it, the heavier it will get for you.

And here's where that thought has come in, knocking around in my back-brain until it's arrived here.

Could this be some kind of analogy for difficulties we sometimes face? 
For those times we negatively prepare for meetings expecting the worst? 
For stresses built up only from our own insecurities? 
For our anxiety's, our panic's, worries and concerns?

It strikes me that all of these things are all like this apple.

The longer you hold onto them, the more painful they become and the heavier on you they get.

Goal for you. Please remember to put your apples down.

You'll feel better for it.

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  1. Firstly, I commend you for being brave enough to take a bite of an apple while on hold. The thought of having to speak to someone mid-crunch is enough to raise the hairs on the back of my neck. Secondly, this is so true. British author Joanne Harris said 'I have an advanced degree in procrastination and another one in paranoia' which pretty much sums it up. Great read Darren. Now I'll get back to that job that I don't want to start...

    1. The clever thing about this is that Darren wrote his blog on 29th and Rochelle commented on 28th. You must be a mind reader Rochelle!!
      Good work Darren

    2. Thanks Rochelle and Lisa :) and yes Lisa, dates are funny on this from time to time.