Darren is not a counsellor nor a therapist. These are opinions and views only, backed by 20+ years of people management, as a leadership development trainer, martial arts trainer, his involvement in the Distinguished Gentlemen's Charity Ride (DGR) that deals with prostate cancer and men's mental health, as a parent, a mentor for at risk youth and from several decades of coaching experience.

Started in 2013, the aim of these posts is to genuinely help both leaders and team members grow and develop. Real world advice that works, to share learnings Darren has been taught and things he has developed, all with a focus on the improvement of skills and team dynamics.

The Japanese call this Keiei (kay-aye) which translates to "making effort to develop societies harmoniously and raise the well-being of the people"

The idea that everyone is a leader regardless of position and that everyone is part of a team are also important concepts.

The content covered here is for everyone and anyone. It is often serious and deals with items such as anxieties and stress, conversely is often not serious, deliberately written in a humorous way to lighten the mood.

After all, leadership doesn't have to be boring.

Please enjoy, make comments from your experiences, ask questions, and take from these posts anything you think might work for you. If there is nothing, go ahead and suggest something you think will - the objective of this site is to share ideas and help people wherever we can.

After all, supporting and helping others is what leadership is all about.

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